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On Page Seo Strategies: A complete Guide

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So, your friend told you that On-page SEO is complicated or someone trying to convince you to do your website SEO and charging $500, like trying to show you that there has to do so much complex work?

On page SEO

Don’t believe them. On Page SEO is one of the easiest things you will learn today.

Today, I will show you everything about On-page SEO you need to know.

By finishing this article you will able to do On-page SEO audit and can boost your traffic.

So let’s get started.

What is On-page SEO

on site seo

So, What is On page SEO?

On-page SEO is a way to optimize your website in order to rank higher and get more and more visitors from search engines. Usually, by On-page SEO, you will be doing like technical setup, update your site content, improving user experience, etc, etc.

You might be thinking that maybe these tasks are difficult to do, you can’t do these.

Don’t worry at all. On-site SEO is one of the easiest work you will be doing for your site.

And you will enjoy doing it. I promise!

Why is On-Page SEO Important?

There are a billion pages on search engine and hundreds of posts/pages are being indexed every minute. How can Google know that your one is the best??

That’s where On page SEO techniques do their magic. 

In the SEO part, On page SEO is the only object you can control. If you do your On-site SEO correctly then you have done a lot.

Every SEO expert tells that everyone should do On-page SEO accurately. By doing this Search Engine gets to know what is the site all about.

The most important thing that the site is ready to get visitors. And after doing On page SEO optimization you can go on to do Off-page SEO.

The On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet

The On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet

Let’s break this article into four parts to understand On-page SEO optimization easily.

First part: Content strength task

Second part: Page/Post task

Third part: Google Bot task

Fourth part: User Experience

Content strength

First, you have to assure that are you targeting the right keyword and published a great piece of content. Without good content, you can’t rank your site.

The article should have to meet these criteria :

-Content has to be unique and original

-Good readability

-Be able to answer your reader question

-Content should be up to date

Page/Post Task


Google loves short URLs. And it’s also a ranking factor. So keep your URLs short and SEO friendly

If your target keyword is On page SEO.

Your URLs should be like this: shohidulwalid.com/on-page-seo


Security matters. Whether you talk about google or visitor. Everyone wants a secure website.


Credit: seopressor.com

Keyword Density

You don’t wanna put your focus keyword everywhere? Do you?

If you do keyword stuffing. Google might think this site is spam. You can get a penalty.

So what is the perfect ratio of keyword density?

-Nobody knows. But most of the SEO experts say ratio should be in 0.5% to 2%.

Still, try for yourself. See what’s working for you.

Title and Meta Tag

First, use your keyword in the title. 

Second, create a great meta description and put the keyword in the meta description.

If your keyword “Link Building”, then this should look like this.

title and meta

H1+H2+H3 tags

If you use wordpress then your title tag referred to H1 tags by default. So put your keyword in the title.

Then try to place on H2 and H3 tags. Though it’s not necessary. But experts say that it helps to rank higher.

Keyword placement

Good Keyword placement helps your content to rank higher. Put your keyword in the first paragraph of your content. Try to place it in the first 100 words. And try to include it also in the last 100 words.

Internal & External Links

Linking to your other existing post helps you to hold visitors to your site. This call Internal linking.

Also, link to another site from your post help googles to understand that your page is full of resources. And this call External linking.

You should put 3 to 7 Internal and External links in your every post.

Synonyms and LSI Keywords

So you have the main keyword for your content. But if you want more and more visitors then you should add some Synonyms and LSI keywords in your article.

It makes your post more readability and visitor enjoy to read the article.



Image Optimization

This is another important task to do on your site. Use your keywords in title and alt tag.

And compress your image size. This helps your site to load fast.

Google Bot or Crawler:


Robots.txt is a text-based file. You should create this text file in order to Search engine robots that what pages to crawl on your website. By robots.txt file web robots can easily crawl your website.

XML Sitemap

A sitemap is a file that lists all your website pages. And it’s essential for your website. 

It helps search engine robots to crawl and update your all pages easily.

UX- User Experience:

Responsive Mobile Design

More than 50% of visitors use their mobile to visit the site. If your site design isn’t mobile-friendly then you are going to lose many potential visitors. Design your site responsively and see every element are ok or not.

Page Speed

When a website taking to much time to load. It indicates a big problem.

Nobody likes a slow loading site. Because it’s a waste of time. More than 60% of visitors leave the site if it takes more then 3 seconds to load. So, improve your website speed to get more visitors.

page speed


Good Multimedia

Great content builds with good multimedia. It attracts visitors so much and they find enjoying to read it. You should use relevant pictures, videos, infographics, screenshot, etc. This makes your content best.

Great CTR

CTR stands for the Click-through rate. Having a good CTR is a must need things for your website. If your CTR is low by your position then google will decrease your position. So, improve your post title and meta to get more CTR.


Credit: backlinko.com

Clear CTA 

A call to action button is required for your goal. You can use Signup, Subscribe, Social share button, popups, etc. It should be clear for your audience.


So that’s all On page seo strategies technique you needed to know. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comment section.

And also apply to your website, boost your ranking and traffic.

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