How to be a content writer in 2019

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Almost everyone is looking for a premium content writer. Because content is ruling the whole digital world. The more content you will have, the more customer or visitors you will get.

Today I am going to share with you every writing strategies that I have learned. This is gonna be the best content writing guide you have ever read. I promise!

And also there are some great bonus tips at the end of the article.

Be sure you read the whole article with full attention.


Important of a content writer

You already realize the importance of content writers. Let me tell you something more. 

From business to a non-profit organization, everyone needs a content writer. And everyone understands that the more content they will deliver the more profit they will make.

In the United States, a content writer makes around $30000 to $80000(Yearly) according to their skill level. The more professional you will be the more you will make. 

And also content writing is one of the high paying jobs in the Freelance marketplace. You can earn good money by writing to individuals in the marketplace.

How to start content writing online

start Content writing

Write-Read-Write is the best way to succeed in the content writing business. If you want to be a professional writer and want to live your life on it then you have to study a lot, I mean a lot.

Do you know that we are already a content writer? The between versus a content writer and you, that they get paid for writing content but you don’t. 

So, now I am gonna share with you the exact process I follow to write. If you follow this process you will end up with a great piece of content.

I will break this article into four parts to learn content writing quickly.

First Step: Keyword research

Second Step: Content research and collecting data

Third Step: Make an outline and start writing 

Fourth Step: After end writing task

So, let’s get started.

Keyword research

keyword research

Pick the main keyword

First, pick a Niche or topic or main keyword whatever you called. It’s one of the most important point people forget when they first try to write. Picking a specific topic can make your content more effective. When you choose your niche try to pick something you will write to enjoy. That’s will help you to create better content.

List the other keywords

You can say, it’s kinda SEO writing hacks. When you start to write content make sure you have a list of all LSI and long-tail keywords on that topic. You should add these keywords to different parts of the article naturally. It helps your content to get more visitors and make your content more readability.

Content research and collecting data

content research

Be in research mode all the time. Like if you got some valued information, noted it down.

Let me tell you the process :


The first and great place to know more about your topic is Google. Do an online search on google typing your keyword. Because you want to see what’s already in the market.

Now click all the pages or posts on the First page of google. After studying the first page go on the Second page. 

Try to study minimum the first 2 pages of google, but if you have time then you should study more pages to know more. It will help you to write effectively.

Check on industry-respected People/Authority/Company

On your topic and product, see what other trusted people are saying. Industry respected people already know enough about your topic. So follow them. Their opinion makes your content more useful. 

Social media

Always look up on social media for information. Around 80% of people in the world use at least one social media. So find out where your reader can be. Use Wikipedia, Quora, Reddit, Twitter. These are the best platforms. 

Own thought

Add your own thoughts. What you have learned by researching, write down into the article.

Organize your whole idea and show it into the content. Use Quotes, Statistics, Case studies, Stories etc in your content.

Keep these in mind when you’re researching

-Always look for original info (There are a lot of wrong information on the web)

-Follow industry-respected People/Team

-Use the update source. Don’t look at old content.

-Always check carefully before belief the content

-Never use copyrighted information without permission

-Always credit the right person

Make an outline and start writing

Make an outline and start writing

Always make an outline before you start writing. Create Headlines, Introduction, Main topic, Subtopic, Outro, etc. It will make you more organized when you are writing.

Let’s talk about more on this topic:


Create some great headlines. Create a minimum of three headlines and see which one is doing well. Magazine and competitors are best to adapt headlines. Also, you can use which article is doing great on the web by Buzzsumo. Use number, question, and data to make it more clickable.


You have to pull your audience in the first few sentences. So focus on the main point at the beginning of the introduction. Let them know the whole overview of the article. And also try to tell benefits and promises by using simple words.

Main topic/subtopic:

So now you are on the main topic of the article. It’s the soul of the article.

First, give them a strong statement. It will help your audience to keep reading. Create more and more subheadings. 

Try to write paragraph by paragraph. And the paragraph shouldn’t be longer than 5-7 lines.

One writing hacks, when you finished a paragraph. Take a break. Take time to write the next paragraph. It will help your brain to think more.

Don’t use the same theme word your competitor used.

You don’t want to be a copycat. Do you?

Use unique words that they didn’t use.

Another hack, use “You” and “I” to engage with the reader. It helps the reader to understand more and it makes a situation like you’re talking directly to them.


The outro is one of the best things to consider. Because it helps the reader to get the whole point of the article. So make it worth. Create a great conclusion. And also try to answer some of their questions. And lastly, give them a question to engage in the comment section.

After End Writing Task

After End Writing Task

If you write on Google docs then install the Grammarly software or plugin. It will help you to find your Grammar error instant.

So you clean up the grammar errors.

The next work is checking Plagiarism. There are many paid and free tools that will do this work for you. If you want the paid one then go with Copyscape and Smallseotools for free.

You can use for seeing your article relevancy.

You can use and Hemingway to see the article readability.

And the last important task you should do is make a Call-to-action button. By using this button you can engage with your reader later.

In the beginning, I promised you that I will give you some bonus tips. These are:

  • Create a site to write. You can write on platforms like Medium. But I prefer you to do this on your own site. Buy a domain on your name and write. It will make you more professional.
  • You can send cold emails and pitching to get clients on your own. It’s kind of a lot of work to do. But you can get a high paying client by sending emails.
  • Write for free for someone if they got good audience. It will make you popular in that niche.
  • At first, try to work with a team or writing firm. You can learn many things from them.
  • Do guest post on your niche website
  • Use LinkedIn and Twitter to get clients.
  • Always ready your resume, testimonial to show your client.
  • Try to write at a specific time. It will make you more productive
  • And the last boom is Read, read and read. The more you learn, the great content you can make.

Final thought for you

Holloa! You made it.

I think you understand all the information I have mentioned here. Now your task is to go through all the points and work on it.

You just have to practice on a daily basis. You’re going to be a great Content writer. I believe in you.

Best of luck with your content writing journey.

And let me know your questions in the comment section.

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